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Stratco Fencing

Stratco manufactures metal building supplies and home improvement products. Their Ezi-Fence and horizontal slat fence options are simple to install and last a long time. Their fencing products are made of sleek, finished-looking, power-coated aluminum. Because of that, it will last for an extremely long time. Unlike wood, it won’t warp, twist, rot, splinter, or fade. Unlike steel, it also won’t rust. Everything is pre-treated before coating to ensure maximum corrosion-resistance. Powder coating makes Stratco fencing appropriate regardless of the weather and climate.

Ezi-Fence options are made to fit the project’s needs. The fence is sold by the panel which are individually boxed with all of the required hardware. Each panel kit comes with top and bottom rails and all of the vertical pickets. To mount each panel, additional purchase of either post kits and mounting kits or simply mounting kits are needed. One of the unfortunate, unnecessary costs when hiring a fencing service is the over-purchasing of materials. With Stratco it’s easy to quickly estimate how many boxes of paneling are needed because each panel is an identical, set size.

As far as horizontal slat fencing is concerned, Stratco offers different patterns for the panels, so the aesthetic can shift as much as desired. Each slat of the horizontal fence is threaded between two posts from the top down, rather than having to stand them on end parallel to the posts and insert a top or bottom rail. The panel itself is the top and bottom rail because of its horizontal nature. These are excellent fences when looking for privacy because they create a solid screen. They’re also good for fencing northern beaches if looking to prevent excessive wind or salt spray. The powder-coated aluminum is up to the task, both in surface resiliency and overall structural stability. These fences are made to last a lifetime, but they don’t take a lifetime to install. For a beautiful, functional fence, this is a great choice.

As this fence is extremely high-quality, it is absolutely worth the investment. It is also quick to install, especially when it comes to the horizontal slats, so with the right team on the job, a new fence can be up in a couple of days.

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