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Pool Fencing

Pool fence is arguably one of the most important fences a person can have on their property. Well other fences typically provide property boundaries and visual breaks, pool fences provide safety by offering a barrier between the home and the swimming pool. This is particularly valuable if there are small children, pets, or elderly adults. Though that said everyone can benefit from there being something in between them in the pool so that they can accidentally walk into it late at night.

When choosing a pool fence it is important to consider what kind of material is going to be made out of. Because the pool probably isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, especially if it’s an in-ground pool, the fence needs to stay put too. For this reason, it’s good to consider steel or mesh fences. Though wood fences do offer a lower-cost and perhaps a more appealing aesthetic, wood fences don’t last long. They require a lot of upkeep, and there aren’t ideal for pool fencing needs. For this reason, when it comes to pool fences, mesh fences are typically one of the better options. This reason is compounded by the fact that it makes it more difficult for a person to get through the fence. Other fences perhaps have slats that small children could climb through, but mesh fences are harder for them to get around or through. Unlike similar material steel or flat aluminum fences, mesh fences provide less of a visual obstruction because the panels aren’t solid. A person – perhaps a watchful parent – could stay outside of the pool area but still see what’s going on inside. For pool areas frequented by children, a mesh fence is a highly visible, durable, inexpensive option. It can take a lot of abuse and still get the job done at the end of the day. Also, because of the mesh nature, wind can travel through the enclosure and carry extra debris like leaves away, rather than creating a wind-tunnel that keeps everything inside by the pool.

Two other excellent and inexpensive pool fencing materials are vinyl and PVC. Composite boards, metal, and even glass all get hot to the touch. This is particularly risky if the pool is frequented by children who tend to grab on to railings, or even by adults who may lean on a nearby fence when chatting. Because white PVC and vinyl don’t hold heat the way dark composite or metal does, it’s less likely to burn when touched on a hot day.

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