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Colorbond Fencing

Colourbond fencing is easy to maintain. There are 14 colors to choose from and there is a lot of different panel styles. Because of this steel fencing it will not rot, cannot be eaten by insects, and it never needs to be painted or have its panels replaced. All the more maintenance Colourbond fence needs is regular washing with clean water. Colourbond fencing is made out of 5 layers of material. It starts with the steel base. That base is then covered with activated metallic coating. A 3/8 inch pretreatment layer is then applied, and next a corrosion primer is baked into the surface. After that, there is a top coat that makes sure that it can resist flaking and chipping. These five layers are designed to ensure the fence will maintain a quality look throughout its lifetime. When fencing northern beaches, a main concern is the salt and wind. Colourbond fencing is prepared for those elements and will stand the test of time, unlike wood counterparts.

Much like the aluminum horizontal fencing of Stratco, Colourbond can also be used to create slats or pailing. There are many design options, from decorative portions at the top, different gate design, and different colored posts versus panel options for visual interest. These are easy-to-maintain fences with minimal repair or maintenance. The solid panel options make for good wind-breaks, and they are exceptional privacy fences. Not only that, but Colourbond fences are strong and can be used for security fencing purposes as well. The seamless nature of the paneling means they are incredibly attractive too, providing great curb appeal for both residential and commercial properties.

The prefabricated steel panels make estimating the linear feet of Colourbond needed for a project straightforward. That also means that if a panel were to be damaged, it’s easy enough to replace just that section without having the dismantle the entire fence.

In addition to all of that, Colourbond steel also has a superpower: it’s a firefighter. Not only is it made to stand up to the seasons and the elements, it also offers fire protection because it is non-combustible. When it comes to bush fire in-particular, Colourbond tested better than any of the competition in protecting homes. Having that layer of protection between a home and a fire is incentive enough to choose Colourbond fences over much else if a property is located near a potential burn zone. Wood and vinyl fencing certainly can’t say the same. If you’re after a Colorbond fence at your property, give our Sydney colorbond fence installers a call today.

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