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Security Fencing

Security fences are typically characterized by tall, metal, thick pickets. It’s common for each picket to have a point at the top. Whether or not the point is sharp or decorative varies fence to fence. Many security fences have an additional set of pickets towards the base to make it a skinnier picking pattern, and as the fence gets taller that secondary row of pickets is not needed so that there is not as much of a visual obstruction. These fences are made of heavy duty metal, and many of them reach 10 ft tall. Some of them even have a chain link mesh that goes between the metal pickets or overlays the metal pickets to create a more effective security system. The ultimate goal of a security fence is, obviously, to provide security. In the past, this meant adding barbed wire to the top of a fence and hog tying the bottom, but nowadays there is an element of design that goes into making these fences so they are beautiful as well as functional.

Security fences are not exclusive to metal fences. A security fence can be made of other materials as it is more in the construction than the material that makes it a security fence. That said, if the fence is made out of something other than metal, it’s important to reinforce certain elements. For instance, if the security fence is made out of wood, it is counter-intuitive to have a slatted fence when security is the main goal. The addition of wire at the base of the fence can provide an extra layer of safety.

The key components of a quality security fence are:

  1. hard to hide behind
  2. hard to climb
  3. hard to get through.

While it may seem counter-intuitive to have a security fence that a person can see through, it’s important to remember that the view goes both ways. No one can hide on the other side of a wrought-iron fence with well-spaced rods, waiting for the next person who exits the gate. Well-designed security fences will also be hard to climb. This means using as few horizontal rails as possible. This is why so many of them are made of metal; it’s easy to go high with few cross-bars if the material is strong and rigid.

Last, a good security fence will be hard to cut through, hard to dig under, the posts will be cemented into the ground, and the gates will be heavy-duty and have locking functions. If you’re searching for fencing contractors in Sydney’s North Beaches, then look no further. 

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