Glass Pool Fencing

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Glass Pool Fencing

Glass pool fences can add a sleek, contemporary look to any pool area and are the perfect beach house fences. They are particularly beneficial if one is looking to fence in a pool within a fenced yard, because that way privacy isn’t the goal of the glass fence. The privacy comes from the property fence line and glass fence around the pool is primarily to create a safety barrier so no one can stumble into the pool. Is well a glass beds is see through so it helps to celebrate the rest of the yard because it isn’t a giant eye-sore smack-dab in the middle of the property.

Tempered glass is incredibly durable. Many people shy away from the notion of glass fences, particularly close to a pool where broken glass would prove a hazard to swimmers, but glass fences are typically made of ½ inch tempered safety glass and the panels are spaced out with marine grade stainless steel to keep it from rusting over time.

If fencing northern beaches, glass fencing may provide the perfect solution for a coastal homeowner. Providing enough privacy by keeping passersby off the property without obscuring the view is the best feature of a glass fence.

Many glass fences are also laminated. In the event that the glass does break, this keeps all of the pieces from flying everywhere. The lamination also makes the surface slick, so children (and some rambunctious adults) can’t attempt to climb the walls.

Glass pool fences are easy to clean. There aren’t any rails or pickets for debris to accumulate, and at no point can paint start peeling or stain start fading. It provides a crystal-clean view of the pool area to monitor swimmers, and it can’t obstruct the view of the landscape. It doesn’t maintain heat the way a metal fence might, and there are no annual upkeep tasks required to keep it looking new for its entire lifetime. Ultimately, glass pool fences are more durable than their counterparts, despite their perceived fragility.

Glass fences require a professional fence installer, which is why it’s worth calling a trusted fencing service. With proper installation, though, a glass fence will last a lifetime and provide a beautiful, functional addition to any property.

That said, if a fence is going around a high-traffic pool with lots of children, a mesh fence may be a better choice. Glass shows hand prints and smudges like crazy. Also, because of its lower visibility, it’s easier for someone to accidentally walk into it. For party or public areas having a more visible fence is the safest choice.

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