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Slat Fencing

Slat fencing has a sleek look to it. Because the slats run horizontally, they are quick to install because there is not a top or bottom rail like there would be with a vertical fence, so the fencing service is in-and-out of the job in no time. The slats come in a variety of different materials including aluminum, timber, or composite board. There are a ton of customization options, so one can customize the slat thickness and spacing. This kind of customization is available because of the simple slat system. The two side posts are installed, and then slats are slid down in between. It is easy, fast, and simple to install.

Stratco offers excellent horizontal slat fencing options. Because of the design, with powder coating, it means that it is easy to maintain. Slat fences aren’t limited to aluminum though: horizontal, slat wood fencing are trending in architectural design circles. They provide a lot of visual interest, especially when playing with spacing, color, and length of the slats. If choosing to make a horizontal slatted wood fence, cedar and redwood are ideal to use because they aren’t prone to warping the way that pressure-treated pine and other soft woods are.

Like any other fence, slat fences can be as simple or as complicated as the person designing them. Depending on the spacing of the slats, they can be for privacy, to mark a perimeter, or simply for aesthetic appeal. Some designers double-up on pailing and slats when making a fence by having the lower half done with vertical pales and the upper half done with horizontal slats. The look of the fence can change dependent on how thick or thin the slats are in relation to the spaces between then, and vice versa.

Once of the advantages of horizontal slats as far as wood fences are concerned comes down to the weather. When it rains, the top and the bottom slats get the brunt of the exposure. So, unlike a picket or pailing fence where each board has weather damage at the top and bottom, it’s only the top and bottom few slats in this kind of fence that are likely to need replacing. This means replacing several boards per section down the road rather than replacing the entire fence. To discuss whether a slat fence is the right fit for you, give our Northern Beaches Sydney fencing contractors a call today.

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