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Gate Installation

Gate selection is nearly as important as fence type selection. Sometimes, there’s a natural choice of which kind of fence gate goes with the fence that’s being installed, but even then there is still a diversity of options. The aesthetic of the gate plays a big role when selecting a gate, as far as how it will match with the rest of the fence, how heavy it will be, whether or not there will be slats in it, if it will have a handle on it, if it will stand out as being a gate or be seamless with the rest of the fence, if there will be an archway above it, et cetera.

Perhaps more importantly the thing to consider when choosing a gate is the latch type. A gate is only as good as its latch. For this reason it’s important to look at the different kinds of latches that come with gate kits. One of the most beneficial types of gates is one that has self-closure. This is particularly important if the fence is going around the pool area or is used in a family that has small children or pets that go outside. That way no one can accidentally leave the gate open. The fence is meant to keep people from accidentally falling in or wandering off, and that job can’t be accomplished if the gate just hangs open.

Just as the material the fence is made out of is important to consider, so is the material the gate is made out of. This is particularly true if it’s a high-traffic gate. For materials such as PVC there are steel bar inserts for the gate to provide stability so that the gate can be used more frequently. In cases where no steel bar insert as used in a PVC gate, the gate can experience sagging and perhaps even cracking over time.

Another element to consider when choosing a gate is whether or not it’ll be a single or double door. This again goes with the functionality of the gate. Will it be only used for pedestrian traffic? Will a vehicle need to fit through it? Is it to provide access for gardening, i.e. does a wheelbarrow need to fit through? All of these are important things to consider when choosing the gate setup. Not only that, but the location of the gate is an important consideration as well. If it’s too close to the house there may be runoff from the roof-line that creates a divot right in the walking path. If it’s too far from the patio will no one use it and instead walk through the house? Yard layout plays important roles, and this element is the literal gatekeeper of that space.

Regardless of what kind of fence installation that you’re after, there will almost always be some kind of gate. There’s no way in or out of a property without it. So, if anything is worth dwelling on, the gate features are it. Sometimes choosing the gate first might help determine what kind of fence should follow.

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